What to do in a Water Break

Report a Watermain Break - There are several reasons why a water main break can occur - a change in temperature, excessive pressure, age of the pipe, etc. If you notice a water main break, please call us at 506-325-4600 or after hours 506-325-4896.

We know you rely on us to provide reliable access to clean and safe water. When outages happen, we work to notify you and restore service as quickly as possible. Updates if required during a water break are posted on social media. Boil order notices are handed out door to door where possible and posted on social media and posted on website.

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Water main breaks are often repaired under positive pressure to prevent boil orders sometimes leading to localized low water pressure and turbid (dirty) water. In some cases, water has to be completely shut off in order to do the repair often leading to localized boil orders, in this case The Provincial Department of Health is involved implementing and rescinding a boil water order.  All repairs are done as soon as possible.

 The time it takes to fix a break varies due to several factors including digging in frozen ground, frost depth, how quickly the break can be located, the size of the break and the current weather conditions. 

In the event of a boil order FAQ Link: