Sign up for e-services, The Town of Woodstock online portal:

 This gives residents the opportunity to view their Water and Sewer Utility Bills as well as make payments on their account from a computer or smart phone.  All you need is your account number and sign-up key code both located on your water & sewer bill or you can obtain by calling the Utility Department direct 506-325-4615 or email for more information.

SIGN-UP INSTRUCTIONS (You will need to do this only once):

1 - In your browser, go to

2 - Click the green bar that says "Sign up Now”

3 - Click the blue bar that says "Resident or Business Owner...”

4 - Enter the Sign-Up Key as it is found on your utility bill or call the office to obtain

5 - Enter your last name

6 - Click ”Submit” Key”

7 - Enter your information on the next form

8 - Check the "Enable e-billing” checkbox

9 - Click the "Submit” button

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then follow the link shown in that email to confirm your email address and complete the signup process.

For additional information, including a detailed tutorial on how to register, click the "Sign Up Guide” located at the bottom of your water & sewer utility bill.

Make a payment any time using SNB Woodstock Link: click here and click the blue link, all you need is your method of payment, and account number "located on the top right of your Water & Sewer utility bill (usually 5 letters and 3 numbers.  ex:"SMTIJ001”)

Have a question? Need some assistance? Contact the Town of Woodstock Utility Office direct 506-325-4615 or email