Recycling & Waste

Waste Management Services in the Woodstock for recycling, hazardous waste, etc. is provided by the Western New Brunswick Service Commission (WNBSC). For more information on the services: Click Here. 

 To: The Residents of Woodstock (Ward 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Re: Effective February 5th

Starting the first full week of February, a new garbage and recycling schedule will take effect throughout the municipality of Woodstock.  The changes are as follows:

  •       Recycling will be picked up the first full week of each month, for all residents

  •       ONLY recycling will be picked up on recycling week

  •       Garbage WILL NOT be picked up on recycling week

There will be changes to pick up days, if you live in: (* see below for what ward you live in)

A reminder for garbage pick-up, should be put to roadside is as follows:

  •     Box, bagged, or bundled.
  •     Not weighing more than 23 kgs per box or bag.
  •     Large items must be held until large item clean up.
  •     Waste must be placed within 2 meters of where the driveway intersects the roadway.
  •     Waste must be at roadside by 7 am of the collection day.

Pick Up Dates

Ward One (Fridays)

Ward Two (Wednesday)

Ward Three (Tuesdays)

Ward Four (Tuesdays)

Ward Four (Wednesday)

Ward Five (Tuesdays)