Water & Sewer

Water - The Town of Woodstock water is closely monitored by a water team that follows a strict Department of Environment and local Government approval to operate, making sure chlorine samples meet or exceed set limits daily, and weekly samples are taken by trained staff and submitted to an accredited lab to ensure the water is safe to drink. All results are closely monitored by the lab, town staff and The Provincial Department of Health.

The Town of Woodstock has two wells 150 ft deep, a well house and a water treatment facility located on an island in the middle of the St. John River housing Noth America's First Biological Manganese Removal filter.  Treated drinking water flows through an extensive network of almost 54 KM of pipe. The Town has 3 water storage tanks holding 85,000 Gal (3217m3) and 5 booster stations to provide adequate water pressure. These parts of infrastructure assist in transporting water throughout the system and to your homes and places of work.

Report a Watermain Break - There are several reasons why a water main break can occur - a change in temperature, excessive pressure, age of the pipe, etc. If you notice a water main break, call the Utility Dept. direct at 506-325-4615 or after hours 506-325-4896  email: utility@town.woodstock.nb.ca

Sewer - Early in 2005 Woodstock introduced a new 136,000 m3 aerated wastewater treatment lagoon. This lagoon was designed to handle Woodstock's community plus future growth and still maintain highly treated levels of effluent following federal regulations, monitored by town staff and Department of Environment and local Government.  All wastewater reaches the lagoon by a network of 55 km of gravity main lines, 8 sewage lift stations and almost 3KM of force main pipes.  Lift stations which feed the force mains are checked daily to ensure they are working correctly.

Storm Sewer - A storm sewer is a separate sewer from the sanitary sewer.  While the sanitary sewer removes wastewater from your house, the storm sewer removes rainwater from the streets and consists of over 12km of pipe in the town. Although in some areas of town these sewers are combined, steps are being taken to separate storm water from the sewer system.  It costs extra money to treat rainwater when it is not necessary; rain water that enters a storm sewer has outfalls that can discharge into river & streams, where wastewater goes to the lagoon.

Sewer Main Flushing - Every community has areas where sanitary lines have little or no grade, tree root infiltration, or for other reasons can be a problem area.  We realize that these problems do not go away and choose to take a proactive approach, we periodically flush sewer mains with pressurized water and vacuum from a flushing truck. The process removes any build up of excess debris.  During this process water could be expelled from fixtures in your home such as toilets.  Crews should be made aware of these so pressures can be adjusted. Risk can be mitigated by flushing after each use and keeping toilet closed.

If you experience a plugged sewer, call Utility Dept. direct 506-325-4615 or after hours 506-325-4896 or email: utility@town.woodstock.nb.ca so we can determine where the problem exist.  An important item to check with your service line leaving your house or building is if it has a back water valve.  Back water valves are required by Town by-laws and will greatly reduce the odds of water backing up into your basement.