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Residents can  register for any of the programs: online, or in person at AYR Motor Centre Reception. If there is an issue with online registration, simply contact Recreation Admin Staff at 506-325-4302 for further instructions.

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Jumpstart Program

Kid Sport Canada

Bronze Class

AYR Motor Centre Weekly Schedule

Summer Day Camps

Summer Events

Outdoor Adventures

Sunday Swimming Lessons for Kids

Summer Swim Team

Bronze Cross| Medallion Course

Summer Swimming Lessons

Basketball Skills & Drills

Craft Day Camp-June 25/ 28

Street Hockey Jamboree-July 3

Mini Olympics Day Camp-July 4

Sports Extravaganza Day Camp- July 8

Science Day Camp-July 11/22

Bike Adventures Day Camp-July 24

Splash Day Camp-July 29

Heroes in Training Day Camp-August 1

Fishing Adventure- August 2

Baking Buddies Day Camp-August 8/15

Drama Day Camp-August 12

Hidden Treasure Day Camp-August 19

Golf Afterschool Program

Intro Senior Boxing Class 60+

Tennis Afternoon Program

Summer Student Fitness Membership