Snow Clearing

During snowstorms our crews work overnight and throughout the day to ensure all roads, sidewalks and trails are plowed and safe for residents to travel on. 

Please remember that snow plow operators are busy operating various controls, dealing with potential visibility issues due to the large amount of snow, and obstacles along their route. We ask that you be patient, respect our snow plow operators and give them the space they need to plow areas.

What can you do?

During a snow storm please refrain from pushing snow across streets or vacant right of ways. Not only is this illegal, , but  could cause damage to Town infrastructure.

When a manhole or catch basin frame and cover has been broken or removed please report ASAP to 506-325-4896. Damage to vehicles or the possibility of a person falling in the open hole and getting injured could happen.

Residents can assist municipal staff in their cleanup work by following these tips:

  • Don’t push/place snow on streets or sidewalks.

  • Keep garbage containers out of harm’s way.

  • Park vehicles off street, well into driveway (it’s the law).

  • Mark hedges and fences with flagging tape.

  • Keep catch basins near property clear.

  • Drive for the conditions.

  • Wear winter footwear. Safety first.

  • Watch where your children play – snowbanks are not a good place to build forts.