Responsible Sewer Use

As a homeowner and resident, you share a responsibility to use our sewage system responsibly. It’s simple—only human waste and toilet paper. Nothing else. No flushable wipes!

What not to flush:

  • flushable personal wipes

  • cooking grease or animal grease

  • rags

  • hair

  • kitty litter

  • solvents, paint

  • sanitary napkins

  • tampon applicators, plastic

  • tampon applicators, cardboard

  • tampons

  • disposable diapers

  • condoms

It doesn’t matter what it says on the package, these items are not flushable. They do not biodegrade during the time spent in the wastewater collection and treatment systems; they cause blockages in sanitary sewer service connections, mains and lift stations, causing backups and unnecessary discharges to the environment, resulting in thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs each year in our Town.