Left to Right: Deputy Mayor Amy Anderson, Councillor Catherine Sutherland, Councillor Theresa Blackburn, Mayor Arthur Slipp,
Councillor Randy Leonard, Councillor Bill Hogan, Councillor Jeff Bradbury
Mayor Arthur Slipp
Deputy Mayor  Amy Anderson Economic Development and Protective Services Committees
Councillor Catherine Sutherland Finance and Public Works Committees
Councillor Theresa Blackburn Tourism and Recreation and Community Services Committees
Councillor Randy Leonard Protective Services and Finance Committees
Councillor Jeff Bradbury Recreation & Community Services and Economic Development Committees
Councillor (resigned) Bill Hogan
Resigned September 2020
Council Meetings
All Council Meetings are held at the Town Hall, 824 Main Street, Woodstock, NB at 7pm (unless informed otherwise). 
Until further notice, all Council Meetings from November 23 forward will be at the AYR Motor Centre Gallery Room  105 Connell Park Road  Woodstock NB.
All Council Meetings are being streamed through YouTube.

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