Community Van (14 passenger)

There is an eighteen passenger vehicle that is Wheelchair Accessible (each wheelchair takes 2 spaces) Maximum:4 wheelchairs that can be rented at the Carleton Manor.  Phone:506-325-4373
The Woodstock Community Van is available to rent for organizations and private rental.  The Van is located at the AYR Motor Centre and booked by the Woodstock Recreation Department. It is a 14 passenger van + 1 driver.
How to Book the Community Van*

1. Check availability at online scheduleClick Here

2. Email to receive a rental application or complete the below form.

3. All Bookings MUST be made five days in advance of rental. Any cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance prior to rental.
4.Once rental application is completed and confirmed, a driver will be hired and in contact with the renter before date reserved. Private Rentals a deposit of $100.00 is required.

4. After rental an invoice will be sent to renter at the end of the each month.  Payment must be made within 30 days. 
*14 passengers plus driver

Rental Fee
$200.00/DAY $25.00/DAY $25.00/ inside town limits
$1.00/KM $1.00/KM $40.00/outside town limits
Driver Fee included $13.00/HR Drive Fee $13/HR Driver Fee
Please complete the form below to begin the process of booking the van.