Hon.Charles Connell House

 Carleton County Historical Society 128 Connell Street-Woodstock, NB-E7M 1L5  (506) 328-9706 Website
Connell House was built in 1839 for the Honourable Charles Connell (1810-1873).  Its Greek Revival design is characterized by the eight Doric columns that flank the portico and give the historic site a kind of stately grace, and an aura of refinement. Connell House is a National Historic Site and has served as the headquarters for the Carleton County Historical Society since 1975.

The Society began a massive restoration of Connell House interior in 2005 and it is now open year round as a museum and licensed rental facility. During the summer months staff dressed in period costume, give guided tours while entertaining you with intriguing stories of Woodstock’s extraordinary past.

In his time, Charles Connell was a prominent businessman and entered politics in 1846.  He held a wide variety of elected and appointed positions, including Justice of the Peace, Justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member of Parliament, Surveyor General and Postmaster General. Even though Mr. Connell was active in County, Provincial & Federal politics, he is best remembered for his tenure as Postmaster General of New Brunswick during which he procured a new five cent stamp featuring his own portrait instead of the Queen’s.  The 1860 Connell Stamp may still be the most intriguing postage stamp controversy of all time, and is known to collectors worldwide including the Queen of England. The Connell Stamp Display includes an entertaining video which tells more of this story, and provides a brief look at Carleton County history.
On the Second Floor, Visitors can explore multiple Exhibit Rooms which are dedicated to the following: the legend of Tappan Adney; a substantial musical instrument collection; military artifacts and memorabilia. At the end or your tour you may browse the gift shop highlighting original Maritime artwork, or relax on the veranda with a refreshing beverage overlooking the gardens.