Public Works Department

Greg Stokes, Director of Public Works & Utility
Tel: (506) 325-4600
Fax : (506) 325-4308
After Hours Emergencies: (506) 325-4896

If you have Questions or Concerns, please submit an e-service request

Woodstock's Public Works and Water / Sewer Departments consist of fourteen full time employees. We currently provide year round maintenance of approximately 60 km of streets. Also, the public works department is responsible for curbs and sidewalks, storm sewers and the cutting of grass on municipal property throughout Woodstock.

Water and Sewer employees have the responsibility of operating North America's first biological manganese removal plant which is fed by New Brunswick's most plentiful water aquifer. This department also is responsible for our 136 million litre wastewater treatment lagoon.

Snow Removal Policy

A complete copy of the snow removal policy can be viewed at the Town Hall.  In short though, the policy is based on a priority schedule.  For example, the listing below is what a resident should expect for plowing.
Remember that the higher priority areas may be plowed more than once before your street has been reached:
  • Main arterials (i.e. Main Street, Connell Street)
  • Collector streets (i.e. Elm Street, Broadway Street)
  • Residential Streets (i.e. St. James Street, Union Street)
  • and Parking Lots. 
Sidewalks are plowed near the end of a snowstorm. Priority again is given to schools & commercial areas.  Pedestrians are encouraged to be careful when using sidewalks during the winter months as they still can be slippery even after they are plowed.  

Once the snow has been cleared for the streets we then turn our attention to removing snow from the parking lots.  This done to make room for future snow falls plus provides additional parking. Widening of streets begins when an unsafe amount of snow has collected along the edge of the street.  The central commercial area has its snow removed at night. Other areas will have snow removed during the daytime hours.  Keep alert for flag persons and detours for these operations.


Usually in the spring & early summer there are a number of cross cuts on the street & sidewalks that were removed due to water breaks that occurred over the winter.  There may be sections of streets or sidewalks that due to age and weather need special attention as well.  These projects are carried out by Public Works crews when the needed materials are available.

The Town of Woodstock's paving program is divided into two categories: patching & re-surfacing. The Public Works department looks after the patching program.  Patching will occur in areas which are most in need.   Patching usually begins in mid to late May and continues into November if weather permits.

The re-surfacing program is a tendered out program.  This annual competition is geared towards paving Woodstock's streets.  Since streets can deteriorate differently over time, each year a review is conducted to re-surface the streets in the worst condition.