Development Officer – Andrew Garnett

The primary functions of this role is to support the growth and development objectives of Council through the coordination and review of development and building applications within the provisions of the New Brunswick Community Planning Act. Working within the authorities invested by the Act in the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), the Development Officer acts as the key staff person to PAC and reports jointly to the PAC Chair and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).  Contact Andrew Garnett at 506-325-4507 or by email:






Compliance Officer – Nick Wilson

The Town of Woodstock’s by-laws are there to help protect the health and safety of every resident. But in order to be effective, our by-laws need to be enforced. The Town’s first priority in enforcement work is education—to help our residents understand what is required of them. Town staff investigate complaints and inspect properties to make sure the standards laid out in the by-laws are met. Wherever possible, staff work with residents to resolve violations. Only if education and cooperation fail does the Town turn to penalties and fines. 

The Compliance Officer oversees by-laws regarding land use (such as dangerous and unsightly premises, standards for maintenance of residential buildings, garbage collection, recreational areas and the zoning and building by-laws); regulatory by-laws relating to health and safety, parking, noise and curfews are enforced by the Woodstock Police Force.

To report a by-law infraction, please contact Nick Wilson by e-mail:




Administrative Development Clerk – Crystal Davidson

The primary function of this role is to provide administrative support to the Planning and Compliance Department to facilitate the long-term development planning of the Town.  This includes administrative processing on all applications that are received by the Planning & Development department, compliance requests, building permit and zoning inquiries, zoning confirmation, and issuance of permits.

Contact Crystal Davidson at 506-325-4597 or email:






The Building Inspector - The primary function of the Building Inspector role is to ensure that buildings in the Town of Woodstock are in compliance with the relevant Federal, Provincial and Local Codes and By-Laws.

On February 01, 2021, the Province of New Brunswick adopted the National Building Code, 2015 edition.

A grace period has been established to allow the construction industry time to transition from the 2010 National Building Code to the 2015 version, as part of changes to a regulation under the Building Code Administration Act effective immediately.

The amended regulation will allow building permits under both the 2010 and 2015 National Building Codes to be accepted until Dec. 31, 2021.

Effective Jan 1, 2022 only permits based on the 2015 National Building Code will be accepted.