Review of the rental housing system in New Brunswick

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For low-income, vulnerable households there are particular challenges to accessing adequate and affordable housing. Supporting affordability and accessibility across the housing continuum is vital to ensuring we close pathways to homelessness, stabilize individual and family wellbeing, and build heathy/inclusive communities. Housing is foundational to all aspects of life and wellness. It is vitally important that stakeholders share their experiences and those of the people they serve.

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The Government of New Brunswick is conducting a review of the rental housing system in New Brunswick (

Your organization is invited to participate in a virtual discussion to offer insights into the New Brunswick rental system and contribute to the rental review process. The goal of the March 25, 2021 discussion is to learn from the experiences of those in the social sector. There will be a session in English from 9am to 11am and the French session from 1pm to 3pm, please register for your preferred session.

The March 25th workshop will focus on:
1. What you are witnessing in the NB rental landscape?
2. What are you trying to achieve in the NB rental housing system and what is getting in your way?
3. What ideas do you have for improving NB rental housing system?

The consultation workshop will be with other organizations from similar sectors and you will have the opportunity to talk and respond to the questions in the break-out rooms.

The workshop will be hosted virtually, through MS Teams.

Please register here for the English session before 4pm March 23, 2021, as space is limited.*