Super Clinic- Income Tax

Community Events
one-day, one-stop-shop for getting taxes filed and also signed up for benefits that require additional applications or computers.
This is for people with low incomes - *35,000$ and single, to 50,000$ for family of 4.

Low income, simple taxes, no businesses.
• Issue Social Insurance Numbers,
• Federal and Provincial Government Reps, not SNB
• Canada Learning Bonds and Registered Disability Savings Plans, which offer significant funds to eligible groups by opening savings accounts at Banks for education, and disability respectively.

March 25, 2024 - 1pm - 6pm
Saint James United Church
120 Chapel St.

Extra info:

Super clinics - taxes plus get other benifets.
Canadian Volunteer Income Tax Program* - for simple modest tax filing support month of March.

Excellent website : Tax Filing info for NB.