Resident Feeback into proposed expanded policing services to all wards

The Town of Woodstock is considering a proposal to extend its policing services to the former local service districts, now Wards 1, 2, 3 and 5, that were amalgamated due to Local Governance Reform.  Specifically, the initiative aims to build on existing partnerships, response availability, prioritize police visibility, and address community safety concerns through clearly defined and publicly communicated strategic planning objectives.

Woodstock is seeking the community’s input of the policing model presented to council on June 25th.    The first step is a survey to collect feedback from residents.

There are two options to complete the survey:

  1. Online at link:
  2. Pick up a paper copy at Town Hall, 824 Main Street or AYR Motor Centre, 105 Connell Park Road 

The LP Fisher Public Library, 679 Main Street has computer facilities available to complete the survey, for those who do not have access to online services.

The survey will be open from July 4th- July 18th, 2024.