Summer Garbage Pick Up WARD 4

For the last several years, Woodstock (Ward 4), has been offering a "recycling week” garbage pickup during the summer months, while Wards 1, 2, 3, & 5 have remained with the standard three pickups per month. To do the extra pickup this summer for all five wards was cost prohibitive, and given that all wards are taxed equally for waste collection services, we are unable to offer it to one ward only.

As a result, we will not be operating an extra garbage pick up during the months of June, July or August for this summer.  Recycling will be the only items collected during recycling week.

To help reduce the amount of garbage:

1.     Recycle items in Blue Bin that is picked up the first full week of the month, list of items at link: Recycling Guide WVRSC

2.  Compost items where applicable, Tips on composting at link: Compost Info WVRSC

3.  Shop Consciously: Plan ahead, buy only what you need and consider the impact of packaging when making purchases.

4.     Try one of these sustainable swaps to help reduce your everyday waste.

Disposable Item

Sustainable Solution

Coffee cup

Reusable travel coffee mug

Disposable cutlery

Saying ‘no’ if you don’t need them or pack regular cutlery

Paper Napkin 

Cloth napkin

Plastic or aluminum food wrap

Beeswax-covered cloth wrap or reusable container

Coffee pod     

Brewed coffee or pour-over or reusable coffee pod

Plastic produce bag   

Mesh or other reusable produce bag

Dryer sheet    

Dryer ball

Paper towel    

Tea towel or cloth rag

Single-use water bottle or carton

Reusable water bottle

Disposable bag          

Tote or reusable bag

Parchment paper       

Silicone baking mat

Disposable sandwich bag      

Reusable silicone or fabric sandwich bag