The Building Inspector - The primary function of the Building Inspector role is to ensure that buildings in the Town of Woodstock are in compliance with the relevant Federal, Provincial and Local Codes and By-Laws.


Development Officer -The primary functions of the Development Officer’s role are to support the growth and development objectives of Council through the coordination and review of development applications within the provisions of the New Brunswick Community Planning Act. Working within the authorities invested by the Act in the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), the Building Inspector/Development Officer acts as the key staff person to PAC and reports jointly to the PAC Chair and Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O.).



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2017_building_permit.pdf 185.0KB
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2017_occupancy_application.pdf 92.2KB
2017_sidewalk_cafe_permit.pdf 33.0KB
2017_sign_permit.pdf 87.5KB
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Letter of Compliance for Heating ventilation and air conditioning.pdf 69.1KB
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The August 20, 2014 issue of New Brunswick's The Royal Gazette published New Brunswick Regulation 2014-108, on page 59,  to designate "the National Building Code of Canada 2010 and any amendments made to such code as the code referred to in any reference to the National Building Code of Canada contained in any building by-law under the Community Planning Act, with the exception of section 3.8, which is replaced by the Barrier-Free Design Building Code Regulation - Community Planning Act."

This regulation comes into force on January 1, 2015.

Building Permits
All applicants are encouraged review the building by-law and zoning by-law ,than to contact the Building Inspector if needed, to discuss project details and to determine required documentation/plans prior to making application for a Building Permit.

Sign Permits
Installation of signs in the Town of Woodstock require a sign permit including signs that are replacing existing ones. A sign application clearly identifying the location, type and dimensions of all proposed and existing signage is required.

The Development & Inspection Services for the Town of Woodstock is comprised of two sectors, planning and building inspection.  The development department priority is to ensure that the objective of the municipal plan is fulfilled.

This section of the website provides housing and building information for the Town of Woodstock including by-laws, required permits, and tips to help you protect your investment in your property.

The Building Inspection department is responsible for safeguarding life, property, and public welfare by ensuring compliance to property and zoning by-laws, whether it is in the area of design, construction, or alteration of buildings.

Cheryl Drost
Building Inspector