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W.S. Saunder

 Name: Saunders, William Sheppard (W.S.)
W.S. Saunder
c. July  1854
*(1901 census says "July 29, 1855”/1911 census says "July, 1856”/ he was 62    
when he died  in 1916, which would make it either 1854 or 1855)
 Birthplace: Woodstock (family moved to Simonds, Carleton Co. when he was very young)
Father – Edward Saunders
Mother – Jane ______  
Wife – Janet Smith Murray
Children – William  (Dr. W.E.), Murray, Harry,
Fred, Grant, Annie, Jean, Edwin, Kate, Mary (died at 4 months old)

 Years in Office: 1895 - 1896
Merchant (Saunders Bros. Dry Goods)
 D.O.D. April 11, 1916
 Where Buried: Union Cemetery, Calgary Alberta
 Other Notes:  Moved to Alberta with his family in 1904