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R.W. Maxwell

Name: Maxwell, Robert William
R.W. Maxwell
October 16, 1894 
Birthplace: Orizaba, Mexico
Father – Robert William Maxwell  (b. Scotland)
Mother – Helen Stephenson

Wife – Flora Geneva Jones  (m. 1922/d. 1976)

Children – Ronald J. Maxwell
- Marie (Rawlings)  (1930-2003)
Years in Office: 1946 - 1948
Director of  Carleton County Vocational School for 40 years
D.O.D. October 13, 1975
Where Buried: Woodstock Rural cemetery
Other Notes: 
- Had his early education in Scotland
- WWI veteran (out of Guelph, Ontario)
- immigrated to Canada in 1914 and moved to Woodstock in 1919 to become the first director of the CCVS
- Director of the Fisher Hospital
- Director of the Woodstock Exhibition (forerunner of OHW) for 17 years
- long-time basketball coach