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Harry M. Deakin

Name: Deakin, Harry McLeod   (Harry)
Harry M. Deakin
April 30, 1918 
Birthplace: St. Stephen, N.B.
Father – Oscar F. Deakin
Mother – Ethel McLeod Good

Wife – Dorothy Grace Cowan  (Dot)

Children – H. Frederick (Fred)
-  Sally (Lunnie)
Years in Office: 1977 - 1980
Traveller/salesman for Genstar Chemicals and fertilizer salesman for International Fertilizer Inc., out of Saint John, NB.
D.O.D. March 28, 1991
Where Buried: Bayview Cemetery, Hatfield’s Point, Queen’s Co., N.B.
Other Notes: 
- His father was a CPR freight agent, originally from Benton
- He was a Captain with the Canadian Dental Corps during WW2, posted to Calgary and Kingston, Ont.
- Deakin Drive is named for him.