George E. Balmain

Name: Balmain, George Ernest (George E.)
George E. Balmain
Nov. 29, 1862
Douglas Harbour (Queens Co.), N.B.
Father – Abner Balmain
Mother – Emily Clark

Wife – Mary Helen Hume (m. 1895 in St. Louis)

Children– Douglas   b. 1896, -Mary Emily   b. 1898
Fred Storey (went by "Storey”)   b. 1900
Donald Creighton   b. 1902, Frank   b. 1907
Years in Office: 1908
- With his brother owned Balmain Brothers farm machinery business
- Later became a Customs Collector
D.O.D. March 4, 1930
Where Buried: Methodist cemetery, Woodstock
Other Notes: 
-Balmain Brothers was bought out by J. Clark & Sons, in 1911
-Was an avid golfer and Secretary Treasurer of the Woodstock Golf Club 
for 25 years.