George D.C. Leonard

Name: Leonard, George Durand Creighton
George D.C. Leonard
March 17, 1950
Birthplace: Woodstock
Father – Rolland Elmer Leonard
Mother – Ruth Bernice Saunders

Wife – Eleanor MacDonald (m. Aug. 25, 1973)

Children – Heather Allison (d. Jan. 22, 2002)
- Michael
Years in Office: 1999 - 2004
- Clerk with Canada Post
- Businessman (Mrs. Leonard’s Guest House)
D.O.D. N/A
Where Buried: N/A
Other Notes: 
- His father Rolland (Rollie) was also a Canada Post Clerk who had served in the Carleton York regiment in WWII.
- Town Councillor 1989 - 1992
- Ran for Mayor in the 1992 election but lost to Clara Moffatt
- Won the byelection for mayor in 1999 and the regular election in 2002
- Left municipal politics in 2004 but returned in a 2010 byelection as a Councillor
- Former Chairman of the Carleton Regional Development Corporation
- Former School Board Trustee
- Former Chairman of the Carleton Civic Centre Board
- A 40 year member of the Woodstock Legion
- As mayor he was a fierce opponent to the closure of the Carleton Memorial Hospital
- The nickname "Randy” comes from his second name "Durand”