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 Woodstock elects its Mayor and Council for a four year term using an at-large system. The most recent civic elections were in May 2016. 

 Left to Right: Deputy Mayor Amy Anderson, Councillor Catherine Sutherland, Councillor Theresa Blackburn, Mayor Arthur Slipp,
Councillor Randy Leonard, Councillor Bill Hogan, Councillor Jeff Bradbury
Deputy Mayor  Amy Anderson Economic Development and Protective Services Committees
Councillor Catherine Sutherland Finance and Public Works Committees
Councillor Theresa Blackburn Tourism and Recreation and Community Services Committees
Councillor Randy Leonard Protective Services and Finance Committees
Councillor Jeff Bradbury Recreation & Community Services and Economic Development Committees
Councillor Bill Hogan Public Works and Tourism Committees
Council Session Schedule 2019
January 14th
January 28th
February 11th
February 25th
March 11th
March 25th
April 8th
April 23rd
May 13th
May 27th
June 24th
June 22nd
August 26th
September 9th
September 23rd
October 15th
October 28th
November 12th
November 25th
December 16th