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A. Hetherington

Name: Hetherington, Aubrey
A. Hetherington
May 14, 1886
Birthplace: St. Nicholas River, Kent County, N.B.
Father – William James Hetherington
Mother – Catherine Thurrott

Wife – Arvella Mary Burtt  (m. 1910/d. 1976)

Children – Dora Kathleen (b. 1911)
- Thelma Geraldine (b. 1916)
- Muriel
- Beatrice
- Kenneth Aubrey (b. 1921) He was a dentist in Fredericton
Years in Office: 1940 (July) , 1941
Telegraph Operator/ Train Station Agent. Worked 43 years with CNR
D.O.D. January 3, 1967
Where Buried: Fredericton Rural Extension Cemetery
Other Notes: 
-Was head of the Carleton County branch of the NB Fish and Games Protective     
Association for several years in the late 1930’s-early 1940’s.
-Became Mayor by acclimation when Roy Turner resigned in July, 1940.