Water & Sewer


The Town of Woodstock has two wells approximately 150 ft deep located on an island in the middle of the St. John River.  You may notice that throughout the Town a number of water storage tanks and booster stations can be found. These parts of infrastructure assist in transporting water throughout the system and to your homes and places of work.

We have the ability to store approximately 850,000 gal. of water if needed, the high amount of storage serves the public in two ways.  The first with a good quality of water to drink and be used for day to day operations around the house.  The second will be for fire protection.

The water we use is tested frequently to ensure it is safe to drink.  A joint testing schedule with the New Brunswick Department of Environment/ Department of Health is followed to ensure that all parameters are tested for our protection.

Woodstock has a SCADA System which instructs the pumps when to start and stop.  This SCADA System ensures that there will be enough water throughout our distribution system.  SCADA acts like a full time employee who works 24 hours a day to ensure water is there when we need it.

We take pride in our quality of water and workmanship around water infrastructure.  The Town of Woodstock realizes it is a special gift. Woodstock has the claim to having North America's First Biological Manganese Removal Plant.  High levels of manganese are almost untraceable when water flows through the plant making it very efficient.

Water Meter Reading 

Twice a year the Town of Woodstock sends out water & sewer bills.  The amount of your bill is directly proportional to the amount of water that you use.  In the month of August, the Public Works crew will go door to door to read your meter.  If you are not home, we strongly recommend that you read the meter and call in your water meter reading to 325-4615 or email: meterreadings@town.woodstock.nb.ca 


Early in 2005 Woodstock introduced a new 136 million litre wastewater treatment lagoon. This lagoon was designed to handle Woodstock's community plus future growth and still maintain highly treated levels of effluent.  All wastewater that reaches the treatment lagoon gets there by either gravity or force man sewers.  The seven lift stations which feed the force mains are checked regularly to ensure they are working correctly.

Storm Sewer

A storm sewer is a separate sewer from the sanitary sewer.  While the sanitary sewer removes wastewater from your house, the storm sewer removes rain water from the streets. Although in some areas of town these sewers are combined, steps are being taken to separate the two systems.  It costs extra money to treat rain water when it is not necessary; rain water that enters a storm sewer has outfalls that can discharge into river & streams, where wastewater goes to the lagoon.

Line Cleaning

Every community has areas where sanitary lines are flatter than most, have tree root infiltration, or for some reason or another can be called a problem area.  We realize that these problems do not go away and choose to take a proactive approach, much like a person that has used a pressure washer, we clean the inside of the sewer to remove any build up of excess debris.  Unfortunately there are times when a back up may occur.  If you experience such please contact us so we can determine where the problem may occur.  An important item to check with your service line leaving your house or building is if it has a back water valve.  Back water valves are required by Town by-laws and will greatly reduce the odds of water backing up into your basement.